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HUG Your Baby goes to Mexico!


was delighted to have been invited to bring HUG Your Baby to Mexico City in September. Though I had the introductory HUG course translated and available online, I worked non-stop for a week to translate the other three HUG courses into Spanish. 

Thanks to the miracle of the internet and a non-stop coffee pot, I pulled it off. Here are two-minute youtubes describing these new courses:

Jim and I left for Mexico city with a spring in our steps!

Jan and Jim are in Mexico City today. We arrived 24 hours before the earthquake to visit family and to share The HUG with Mexican birth and parenting professionals (Congreso Mexicano en Salud Primal). We are safe, but certainly distressed by the destruction, uncertainty and trauma of the last two days. As you know, many children have died and will experience the stress of this event for months to come. We ask those who love HUG Your Baby to make a donation to support Mexican families in need. Here is the link to Mexican Red Cross:

Bringing HUG Your Baby all begin with an invitation from Gisel Morales Brown to present at II Conreso Mexicano En Salud Primal. Though challenged by the 7.1 earthquake only 4 days before the conference, Gisel and her colleagues pulled together an amazing educational expereince in the beautiful Instituto Nacional de Perinatologia.

It was a great joy to have simultaneous translators hard at work during my Mexico presentation. Wearing headphones, participants heard my English translated into Spanish and I heard their Spanish comments and questions in English. Sometimes my stories would get TWO laughs - first from those who understood English and then from the Spanish speaker 30 second later!

Inviting a family into a HUG workshop is always the highlight of any training. This mother arrived with her six month old --a perfect opportunity to demonstrate "Broadcasting" and "Commentating". "She leaned back against you when I started speaking and then reached up to rub you hand when I touched her toy," I broadcast. "Six month olds show the beginning of stranger anxiety and turn quietly to their mothers to feel secure in a new setting. This behavior is a sign of her great attachment to you," I commentate. Our Mexican colleagues were quick to understand these concepts in real time and to see the positive impact on this young mother.